About Specialist Psychologist Alptekin Aydin

I am a member of British Psychology Society (BPS) and member of The Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professions (FDAP) who provide services, on a private practice basis, to people with drug and alcohol problems and those affected by their substance use. I Graduated from Istanbul University, Psychology with First class (1st) degree. in 2003-2004 I have completed my psychology formation traning in Istanbul Galatasaray High School under the Ministry of National Education (MNE) teacher education program and became Psychology teacher.

I have completed MSc Courses in Addiction Studies -Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) King's College London. On June 2014, towards my Masters degree I had my clinical replacement at the Beresford Project Alcohol service, in Greenwich, under the supervision of Dr Francis Keaney. Since 2015 I have been working with Redcard Gambling Support as a Gambling Addiction Therapist also voluntarily help Hackney Council on Stoptober Campaign.(Stoptober is a 28 day long event run each October during which participants are encouraged to stop smoking. Public Health England created the annual campaign and continues to fund it.) Since 19th July 2016 continuing working on my private clinic Muswell Hill North London Therapy and At the same time since December 2018 continuing working at Mediwell Clinic London, as a specialist psychologist mainly focus on substance misuse and related psychological issues.

Experience History - ADHD - ASD & Learning Difficulties

As a Clinical Psychology Assistant Practitioner I worked 3 years on the project to diagnose Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and Learning Disorders. Since all these three disorder have many similiarties, it is not easy to diagnose and treat children. Over 50% of all children with ADHD also have a learning disorder. ADHD affects the ability to learn, In contrast, learning disorders are often quite specific such as reading, writing, or math. So, treating the symptoms of ADHD will not itself correct learning disorders. However, treating ADHD makes it possible to correct the learning disorder. Similarities between ASD and ADHD can lead to dual diagnoses in early childhood. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a disorder of childhood. It is characterized by deficits in social skills (social interactions and social communication) and repetitive behaviors, activities, or interests. Combined, these two problems can severely limit ordinary activities and interests. Intelligence is often impaired, and the ability to learn and utilize new information is markedly restricted. Behavioral symptoms may include hyperactivity, aggressiveness, impulsivity, a short attention span, and temper tantrums. With the multimodal treatment approach using both medication and behavior therapy to treat Children with ADHD, ASD and learning difficulties would be the best approach.

Ground-Breaking Treatment! Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) 

TMS Theraphy LondonTMS Theraphy LondonI have completed European TMS Clinical Certification Course in Maastricht University, Holland. This Clinical Certification Programme is officially recognised by the European Union of Medical Specialist (UEMS) and accredited by the European Accreditation Council for CME (EACCME)


I am keen to encourage innovative new rTMS treatments combining with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to offer the quickest solutions for mental health conditions without any medication side effects like antidepressants. 

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Addiction Specialist Psychologist Alcohol & Substance Misue

Over the past 3 years, I worked over 400 cannabis misuse cases alone and helped many of the clients during their treatment. There are many misconceptions about cannabis use. They all believed what they have been using just a natural plant with even less harm than a cigarette. As a matter of fact they try to purchase higher THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) values and paying more to thinking that they are getting the best one. Well in a way that is true they are getting the most harmful one by choosing the higher THC levels. Once you started to explain what THC does to their brain and their behaviour they started to see the picture. I always tell the side effects or the problems before they started to share with me. This way they started to realise quicker how common this syndromes were and how much they effected. In most cases they don't know why their motivation has gone and why they do not want to do anything this could be waking up and going to school or even going out from their room. Secondly they never realise why they stop having dreams. Since THC effecting their brain in a way that they skip the ram sleep and go directly deep sleep. when you explain how important having dreams even the dreams they do not remember and what does ram sleep to their memory and their lives, they surprised.

panic attacks, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, alcohol,

cocaine, cannabis, problematic gambling

Over the last few years I worked with variety of clients who suffers from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and problematic gambling addiction. I also helped many teenagers who has low Self-Esteem, Social Anxiety and cultural issues in their education I believe being able to share understandable and simple Psychopharmacological information, explaining all pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic made a huge difference on their perspective. Something that they could not find easily over the internet was actually fascinating them and improve the trust for their practitioner.

Sharing deeper information, scientific facts and most importantly list of issues they have been facing during their usage explaining how we can change this together not only boost their self confidence, as their addiction practitioner they believe there is someone out there to help them and they are not alone.

Research Software Engineer &    CBT Therapist london

Aside from my academic experience I am a research software engineer. Putting these two sides of my professional background together I developed a mobile based iPhone application called The Alcohol Intoxication Monitor (AIM) for my Msc thesis. The AIM App uses smartphone technology with an integrated application for ecological momentary assessment (EMA) in a natural environment. The app is designed to incorporate the recording of alcohol consumption, BAC Level (blood alcohol concentration), coordinated Geographic Information System (GIS) to place drinking in location, time and recurrence and includes measures of subjective intoxication and mood state with a short version Profile of Mood States (POMS). The app generated interest when I gave a presentation at the Emerging Methods in Addiction Research Conference in June 2015.


I want to continue using my professional and academic interests to further explore brief interventions and harm-reduction and therapeutic treatment for drug and alcohol misusers through mobile apps or e-health programmes and further promote the use of mobile phone apps in addictions and health research. The present opportunity to be involved in the development of e-health programmes relevant to the Patient and Carer Participation theme, within the Biomedical Research Centre for Mental Health (BRC-MH) will help meet these aims.


As a Psychologist I specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the treatment of choice for anxiety, depression, sex therapy, work related stress, sleeping problems, couples therapy as well as a wide range of issues. CBT is an evidence-based therapy, this means that our therapists are delivering effective treatments that are proven to work quickly and in the long term.

Some examples of the referral types we take on are:

  • Addiction therapies for substance misuse & Gambling
  • Relationship Counselling or Marriage Counselling
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Diagnose Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and Learning Disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Suicidal thinking
  • Panic Attacks
  • Bereavement
  • Loss
  • Phobias
  • Trauma, Self Harm
  • Work Related Issues
  • Abuse
  • Medico Legal Reports


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