Specialist Neuropsychologist Alptekin Aydın, who continues his clinical research and treatments in London, organized a seminar and workshop on the treatment of children with autism, ADHD & Learning Difficulties at Oxford University.

With the Cosmos Healthcare Ltd organization; Focusing on the treatment of children with autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities (LD), the event attracted great interest and brought together experts in their fields.

Oxford University Researcher Dr. Ali Yıldırım, Dr. Olga Kara neurobiologist with a specialization in human psychophysiology (Ph.D), QEEG/ERP specialist was a speaker at the seminar.

Scientific developments and treatment methods in the treatment of qEEG functional brain scan treatment, rTMS, tDCS and behavioral therapy combination of children with autism, ADHD and Learning Disability (LD) were discussed.

Expressing that it was a successful and productive seminar, Specialist Neuropsychologist Aydin thanked the participants and stated that they had "an efficient seminar and workshop where the most up-to-date scientific studies that will be hope in the treatment of children with autism were evaluated and information was exchanged".

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